Our Fast-Track technique encompasses combining complete in-house design, unique construction delivery methods and a comprehensive start-up procedure, which provides our clients full support from project conception to completion and operation.

This unique process delivers fully operational, technologically advanced facilities, in the quickest manner possible without sacrificing quality and performance.

The Fast-Track delivery method allows our Client to deliver products to market quickly, and before the competition, which continually creates significant financial value for our customers. We understand how important revenue is for your business and we strive to overachieve to set our Clients up for success.

Our preferred Project Delivery approach creates a partnership environment that fosters a mutual goal across all stakeholders. Traditional construction project delivery methods naturally create a triangle of animosity between the design firms, contractors and owner creating division among each individual company.

The Evolution Built team integrates with your Cannabis/Hemp Professionals, Operation Managers and Executive Team, from the start of the design, to ensure your operators have coordinated processes and operational functionality in your new facility.

Our ability to openly collaborate through technology and consistent communication allows us to drive the project in a direction that consistently delivers projects under budget and on time.



Meet the A-team. Here to guide you, support you, and high-five you when we knock your project out of the park.


Ryan Coates

COO, Head of Engineering

Dr. John MacKay

Dept. Head, Processing Division

Dr. Meghan McCormick

Senior Chemist + Process Lead

George Wilson

Construction Manager + Chief Estimator

John Racine

Ecosystems Manager

Cassandra Howard

Director of Marketing



Evolution Built is part of a family of brands vertically integrated to support our clients every step of the way – from concept to completion. Together we are able to deliver more innovative, cost-effective and successful turnkey projects for our clients.



Meet our rock star partners. We understand how important it is to find a partner you can trust. That is why we’ve done the legwork of vetting these companies, so you can be confident you’re working with the best in the industry.