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The Facts on “Delta-8” THC and Other Isomers of THC

Dr. Meghan McCormick talks safety, legality, and why you should care about Delta-8 THC.

Cannabis Construction: Design-Build vs. Traditional Design-Bid-Build Project Delivery

Saving clients time and money by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.

Key Components for Preconstruction Success in Cannabis

At Evolution Built, we believe the preconstruction process has broad-reaching impacts on a project’s success.

Pavate Wins First Tier 1 Medical Processing License in Utah

Hybrid Tech played an instrumental role in Pavate’s winning application.

Spektrum Introduces Industry-First Fully Enclosed Cannabis Oil Extraction Unit

Engineered for large scale hemp producers and their partners.

Understanding the Chemistry of Cannabis Oil – Part 1: Terms & Key Concepts

Covering purity, potency, polarity, solubility, and extraction.

Understanding the Chemistry of Cannabis Oil – Part 2: Terms & Key Concepts

Covering vapor pressure, boiling point, distillation, combustion, oxidation, and degradation.

Designing a Cannabis Lab

Developing a facility for cannabis testing and research is not an easy undertaking.

Complexities of Designing to Meet Classification Standards

When it comes to extraction and using volatile, flammable solvents, several safety and usage codes come into play.