construction services


Build with a TEAM that knows your business

Our construction team is second to none in the cannabis and hemp arena, and we have the knowhow to build with precision delivering cutting-edge, high performance facilities.

Evolution Built provides complete construction services including, but not limited to:

  • Design-Build: True Turnkey
  • Construction Management at Risk (CM@r)
  • Construction Management Agency (CMa)
  • General Contracting
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Feasibility Studies

We are with you through the finish line

Our philosophy is grounded in the first and final stages of your project. We start by planning for completion at the beginning of your project through understanding your proposed systems and identifying your operational vision. Throughout the construction process we identify key design, construction, and financial milestones to track our progress and adjust along the way to ensure our schedules and budgets are met.

Upon completion, our team of skilled managers, craftsman, and technicians will dial in your facility for peak performance. Staff training, documentation, and start-up and commissioning are fundamental to all Evolution Built projects.

Design Services


Designing a hemp facility is a complex effort which requires simultaneous coordination of multiple industry informed disciplines and processes. Without experience in hemp system design, it is a challenge for any entrepreneur to successfully create a new hemp operation.

The Evolution Built team brings together the diverse professional skill sets required to complete a full hemp facility project. We provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs that invariably encounter regulatory requirements as they enter the market.


Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection services ensure your facility meets code and operates efficiently.


Custom architectural designs that bring your vision to life and fit within your budget.


From retrofits and expansions to new construction, our structural team has you covered.


Let us help you maximize land use and design an infrastructure that incorporates geography and climate.

Without proper facility planning from the start, projects quickly run out of funding with costly necessary repairs and renovations that could have been avoided by having proper initial design and engineering. Our engineering and architecture teams work with our building division to ensure we are designing to your budget.

Moreover, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements virtually ensure an ongoing challenge for business owners. These regulatory hurdles can destroy a project before it can even get off the ground. As a result, most hemp cultivation and processing projects fail.




Delivering unequivocal functionality

Evolution Built’s long history of delivering indoor cultivation is the foundation to all our other processes. We truly understand what our clients need from an operational, day-to-day procedural process. We start with our proven programing and integrate with your existing processes and team, then fill the gaps to better the overall success of your project. Our team prefers to assist our clients through one grow cycle to ensure your staff fully understands the equipment and vision for productive operations.

Our planning encompasses the entire design and building process regardless of where the responsibility of work exists. We do not just plan our work, but comprehensively coordinate all work required for our indoor cultivation centers and green houses to be operational and productive. We make it a priority to fully understand your grow cycle and production workflow allowing us to better sequence our building techniques and giving customers the opportunity to occupy areas of the facility prior to final completion.


Processing &


Designed with your end-product in mind

There is much more to designing and building a processing facility than the equipment inside. Our process train design and optimization for cannabinoid extraction combined with our extensive knowledge of operational and building processes allows us to deliver exceptional processing centers that prepare our clients for production.

Our clients have access to a team of industry leaders in extraction building concepts including our PhD Processing team. No matter the end-product you desire, our team of engineers and chemists will work with you to custom-design your facility from product development and formulation to equipment selection and commissioning.

Set yourself up for the future, Evolution Built provides full spectrum design-build delivery for all facets of processing and extraction, including GMP design.




Designed by Scientists FOR TRUSTED RESULTS

Our team of PhD chemists and process engineers are intimately familiar with the instrumentation, technology, and laboratory space needed to provide the most accurate and consistent quality assurance testing. Building a laboratory from the ground up is an intricate process. Let our team help you navigate the process every step of the way.

  • Laboratory designs and equipment layout
  • Instrumentation and consumables
  • Proper engineering controls to ensure safety
  • Technical documentation including SOPs
  • Analytical methodology
  • Vetting of laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Guidance to meet ISO 17025 accreditation

Choosing Evolution Built ensures that the testing results you provide to your customers are not only meeting state requirements but also place you on the leading edge of where hemp testing will look like in the future.


Formulation & Product Development


Not only can our team help you reach your processing goals to make safe, high-quality oil and purified cannabinoids, we can aid in the formulation of specific end-products varying from tinctures to gummies to topicals.

The crucial part of formulation chemistry is assuring the active ingredients are never altered in their delivery and efficacy when mixed, embedded, or combined with other end-product ingredients. Most importantly, all end-product manufacturing that utilizes cannabis ingredients will be designed in a clean, consistent GMP or EU-GMP environment.

  • Formulation of a product from concept to market
  • Improvements/modifications to existing subpar product
  • Product selection, form factor, drug delivery method
  • Advise on safety, dose, and product stability
  • Advise and implement appropriate testing standards